Sometimes we have to say goodbye.

Have you ever found yourself at a point in your life where you truly believed that death was the best option whether it was for you or for someone else? 

I’ve been suicidal before, but I don’t think I ever truly thought that death was the best option even during those trying times but now I’m reconsidering it.

Two years ago, my mum’s mum suffered a severe stroke – it came as a shock to most of our family, the matriarch of our family was no more, well not in the sense that we viewed her as. 

Today, she’s suffering, no longer the woman that she was, but a mere shadow of her former self. I think I said goodbye to her on that very day she suffered her stroke, but now seeing her everyday, praying to God in repetitive slurs for comfort – I hope she receives it. It’s more than difficult for me to hear these childlike pleas for God to ease her pain – both physical and mental, sometimes I feel like we’re holding her captive, my mum’s family needs her, she’s our cornerstone – but sometimes I wonder if our need for her presence in our lives is only prolonging her suffering.


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